Viola d'amore solo

Viola d'amore solo
Composer Angelo Morigi, Christian Petzold, Giuseppe Colombi, Pedro Lopes Nogueira
Artist Valerio Losito viola
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 94367
EAN code 5028421943671
Release December 2012

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About this release

Famed for its distinctive sound, the viola d’amore – literally meaning ‘viola of love’ – is one of the more unusual members of the string family, an instrument that appeared towards the end of the 17th century and which owes its silvery, angelic tones to the symbiotic vibrations between its two sets of strings, one gut- and one wire-based.

This release celebrates the d’amore’s versatility of sound by bringing together some of its finest Baroque repertoire. Beginning with the Ave Maris Stella, an ancient hymn dedicated to the Mother of God, the compilation takes the listener on an absorbing journey that combines the famous with the not so widely known; from Petzold’s illustrious two partitas – which are considered to be on the same level of importance for the d’amore as Bach’s partitas and sonatas are for the violin – to Morigi’s Capriccio and Menuetto, the compilation also touches on various anonymous works, including the delightful Partita in D. Dance movements abound, reflecting the Baroque period’s predilection for all things French.

Performing these works is the acclaimed young talent Valerio Losito, who uses a 1775 Gagliano on kind loan from the Fondazione Elsa Peretti. Losito is one of today’s most accomplished d’amore players, and it’s easy to hear why; combining a flawless technique with vivid imaginative detail, this release marks his second recording for Brilliant Classics (the first of which, dedicated to Domenico Scarlatti’s ‘melobass’ sonatas, received rapturous reviews) and strengthens the argument as to why this instrument deserves to be better known.

Other information:
- New recording, recorded 7–9 January 2012, Santa Maria in Vallicella, Refettorio del Borromini (Sala Ovale), Rome.
- The Viola d’Amore, a cherished member of the string instrument family, lived its glory days during the Baroque, when its distinctive, silvery timbre was widely appreciated and loved, and many famous composers wrote for it (including J.S. Bach).
- Excellent liner notes by the artist about the music, the composers and the instrument.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Ave Maris Stella
  2. Suite in D minor: I. Aria
  3. Suite in D minor: II. Courante
  4. Suite in D minor: III. Gigue
  5. Suite in D minor: IV. Sarabande
  6. Scordatura in G
  7. Scordatura (Ciacona)
  8. Capriccio and Minuet in A: I. Capriccio
  9. Capriccio and Minuet in A: II. Minuetto
  10. Partita in D: I. Aria
  11. Partita in D: II. Gigue
  12. Partita in D: III. Menuet
  13. Partita in D: IV. Gavotte
  14. Partita in D: V. Rigaudon
  15. Partita in D: VI. Menuet I & II
  16. Scordatura in A
  17. Nitida stella
  18. Partita in F: I. Gavotte
  19. Partita in F: II. Gigue
  20. Partita in F: III. Bourrée
  21. Partita in F: IV. Air
  22. Partita in F: V. Courante
  23. Partita in F: VI. Sarabande
  24. Partita in F: VII. Menuet I & II
  25. Gaita de folle
  26. Partita in A: I. Introduction
  27. Partita in A: II. Allemande
  28. Partita in A: III. Courante
  29. Partita in A: VI. Sarabande
  30. Partita in A:. Menuet
  31. Partita in A: VI. Gigue
  32. Partita in A: VII. Aria
  33. Partita in A: VIII. Gavotte
  34. Partita in A: IX. Bourrée
  35. Partita in A: X. Rondeau
  36. Partita in A: XI. Menuet
  37. Scordatura in E minor