Vitali: Sonatas Op. 11 for Violin and Basso Continuo

Vitali: Sonatas Op. 11 for Violin and Basso Continuo
Composer Giovanni Battista Vitali
Artist Luigi Cozzolino violin
Semperconsort ensemble
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 93976
EAN code 5028421939766
Release June 2010

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About this release

Giovanni Battista Vitali (1632-92) along with Domenico Gabrieli was one of several important musicians to accept posts at the vibrant court of the duchy of Modena. The young duke, Francesco II, was a cultivated prince, lover of the arts, and by all accounts a good violinist. Gabrieli was a pioneer of the cello, and Vitali was a virtuoso on the ‘violone’ – a large bass violin, and proficient on the new cello. Corelli politely declined an appointment from the duke, and dedicated his Op.3 to Francesco. Vitali started a musical dynasty at the court that lasted for 4 generations.

The Op.11 sonatas are composed for 6 instruments, although the court band had grown to 13 players during Vitali’s time there. For this recording, the parts have been doubled, to provide additional continuo. These works were a considerable success for the composer and were consistently in print long after Vitali’s death.

The music is a sophisticated blend of Italian and French styles, with the dance never far from the composer’s mind. They are fascinating works from a skilful composer who was a contemporary of Purcell, Marais, Pachelbel and Corelli.

Other information:
- Recorded in 2008, on period instruments, Italian Renaissance and baroque violins.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Sonata in B flat: I. Capriccio Primo: vivace
  2. Sonata in B flat: II. Giga: Allegro
  3. Sonata in B flat: III. Capriccio per Violone
  4. Sonata in B flat: IV. Gavotta: Presto
  5. Sonata in G Minor: I. Balletto in Stile Francese: vivace
  6. Sonata in G Minor: II. Corrente alla Francese
  7. Sonata in G Minor: III. Borea: Presto
  8. Sonata in E Minor: I. Capriccio Secondo: vivace
  9. Sonata in E Minor: II. Giga: Allegro
  10. Sonata in E Minor: III. Gavotta: Presto
  11. Sonata in C Minor: I. Balletto per Camera Primo: Largo
  12. Sonata in C Minor: II. Zoppa: Allegro
  13. Sonata in C Minor: III. Gavotta: Presto
  14. Sonata in E flat: I. Capriccio Terzo: Allegro
  15. Sonata in E flat: II. Balletto Secondo per Camera: vivace
  16. Sonata in E flat: III. Giga: Allegro
  17. Sonata in C: I. Introduzione: Largo–vivace
  18. Sonata in C: II. Balletto: Allegro
  19. Sonata in C: III. Borea: Presto
  20. Sonata in C: IV. Ciacona per Violone
  21. Sonata in A: I. Balletto: vivace
  22. Sonata in A: II. Giga: Allegro
  23. Sonata in A: III. Gavotta: Presto
  24. Sonata in D: I. Capriccio: Allegro
  25. Sonata in D: II. Giga: Allegro
  26. Sonata in F: I. Introduzione: Largo–Allegro
  27. Sonata in F: II. Giga: Allegro
  28. Sonata in F: III. Sarabanda: Presto
  29. Sonata in A Minor: I. Introduzione: Largo
  30. Sonata in A Minor: II. Balletto: vivace
  31. Sonata in A Minor: III. Giga: Allegro
  32. Sinfonia à 6 in D Minor: Grave – Adagio – Presto
  33. Toccata for solo Violin
  34. Grave à 6 (Omaggio a Vitali di Luigi Cozzolino)
  35. Barabano