Tchaikovsky: Secular Choruses

Composer Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Artist The Moscow Academy of Choral Singing
Victor Popov conductor
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 94210
EAN code 5028421942100
Release May 2011

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About this release

In the field of choral music Tchaikovsky is known as the first Russian composer to have composed cycles of the Liturgy and the Vespers, but his considerable output of secular choral music is less well-known, and a delightful surprise. These secular choruses are little jewels, written for various types of choir, with all the familiar qualities of melody and rich harmony that we associate with Tchaikovsky. Some, including Autumn, Child’s Song and A Legend (from 16 Children’s Songs Op.54), and the pastoral Dawn were written for solo voice or duet, and Night, a vocal quartet with piano, but Tchaikovsky soon realised that they sounded better as choruses. Autumn and Child’s Song both have a tenor solo, and contrast well with each other: a misty autumnal poem of lethargic melancholy and a comical, playful little ditty. Another highlight is the melancholy Old French Air, with its timeless charm, which also appears as a minstrel’s song in Tchaikovsky’s opera The Maid of Orléans. Other works of note include the radiant Nature and Love, a sentimental trio for soprano, mezzo and contralto, three-part female chorus and piano, and the meditative nocturne Before Sleep, composed in his student years. Greeting to Anton Rubinstein is an extraordinary seven part piece written for the 50th anniversary of Rubinstein’s career.

The Nightingale is without a doubt Tchaikovsky’s finest achievement in choral music, a magnificent reconstruction of a folk song. The vocal quartet Night is a tribute to Mozart, who Tchaikovsky idolised, and is an arrangement of the middle section of Mozart’s Fantasy in C minor for piano. The finale, Neapolitan Air, is a little choral divertissement whose tune was derived from Swan Lake.

About the performers:
The Moscow Academy of Choral Singing, directed by Victor Popov, specialises in performing Russian choral music.

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Track list

Disk 1

  1. Secular choruses: Evening
  2. Secular choruses: Autumn
  3. Secular choruses: Child’s Song
  4. Secular choruses: Blessed is he who smiles
  5. Secular choruses: Why does the sound of the revels grow silent?
  6. Secular choruses: Much too soon in the season
  7. Secular choruses: Old French Air
  8. Secular choruses: Dawn
  9. Secular choruses: Nature and Love
  10. Secular choruses: Before sleep
  11. Secular choruses: A golden cloud slumbered
  12. Secular choruses: A greeting to Anton Rubinstein
  13. Secular choruses: The Nightingale
  14. Secular choruses: It is not the cuckoo
  15. Secular choruses: Night
  16. Secular choruses: Hymn to Cyril and Methodius
  17. Secular choruses: A Legend
  18. Secular choruses: Neapolitan Air (adaptation for chorus by Klimov)